Friday, 11 July 2014

#FridayReads 11th July 2014

If I had done a FridayReads last week it would be almost identical to today's. Not that I haven't been reading, honest, just the books I am reading are deliciously chunky and I am savouring every second.

The Son by Philipp Meyer

Epic in scope this tale of the fortunes of one founding "white" families in new state of Texas over several generations. Yes, this means multiple narrators and a non-linear story arc, so if that's not your jam I would steer clear. I have found myself flicking back and forth to the very handy but very needed family tree to try and keep track of who is who. Unfortunately this has spoilt my flow on several occasions, finding myself wandering over twitter so my brain hurts less. That being said I am invested in the story. The depth of research Meyer must have gone into to give this book a feeling of authenticity boggles the mind. Somehow he even managed to keep my focus during a chapter dedicated to the killing and various uses of a Buffalo carcas. As a on/off veggie it turned my stomach but I found myself congratulating them on their ability to use every single part of the animal. I hadn't realised how important animal cartlidge was....but I shall leave that there as it's lunchtime. 

I am currently on page 210/600. I hope to make a nice dent in that this weekend.

I am also re-reading  A Storm of Swords #2 and loving it. I'm only a couple of chapters in, I'm very much looking forward to the wedding festivities, hope nothing bad happens.....

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