Friday, 25 November 2011

It was good.....Seriously.

Seriously....I'm Kidding - by Ellen Degeneres

I started reading this book because a) I like Ellen and b) It's on the December reading list for one of my book groups at Goodreads.

First off, don't read this book if you want to get all serious and deep and want to find out about her sexuality and what it was like being Dory, because she isn't kidding when she says she is kidding (which is a shame, because Dory is absolutely my favourite forgetful fishy hero).

It's a page turner because you feel like you are watching a stand up show, or alternatively reading the notes from about a year in therapy. I loved the wit, the observations, in fact, I wanted to be Ellen by the time I had finished reading it.
I tend to laugh at things pretty easily, so I laughed while reading this book, much to the dog's bemusement. (My dog believes I am only allowed to laugh at her dragging her back legs and vajazzle across the living room carpet). This book was equally funny and in some cases funnier than my dogs attention seeking side show.

One little annoyance I had, although it's not the books fault, was that I read it in HTML format (because someone sent it to me that way) so it hurt my eyes and I felt like I had to finish it IMMEDIATELY!
It's the sort of book you need to have in your toilet, for guests to read, so hopefully I will get a physical copy of it soon. (Are you listening Mr Claus?)

Quote from the book:

"Many of them ask questions that not only seem unnecessary but, to use a technical term, are also bonkers. I won’t say the name of the magazine (it sounds like “Pin Style”) I stole from my dentist’s office but there was a poll in it that asked readers, “How far will you take the season’s hot shade of green?” Thirty-nine percent of people said “All the way,” 37 percent said “Halfway,” and 24 percent said “Just a hint.”
Now, here’s my first question: What?! How far will you take the season’s hot shade of green? What does that mean? What does it mean to take green “all the way”? Like, to the prom? Are you going to settle down and have children with the color green? And look how close it is between “All the way” and “Halfway.” There’s only a 2 percent difference. I’m surprised we didn’t hear about that on the evening news.

(I am going "All the way" case you were wondering)

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