Friday, 25 November 2011

A lack of Thanks being Given

Here in the UK we don't "DO" Thanksgiving, but it would be nice if you we have a day where we were all reminded about the little things in life that pass you by without even noticing.

I guess I am lucky that I have a life rich enough for things to pass me by, but in all honesty, I think many people are turning into whinge bags over nothing.

Here are a few things that I was or should have been grateful for yesterday, Thanksgiving.

I am grateful that my daughters made it to their exam and that they both did well.
I am grateful that my dog didn't urinate in the hallway, because that is very annoying.
I am grateful that I had a nice snooze in the afternoon, uninterrupted by workmen being noisy outside
I am grateful that I had a lovely chat with one of my best friends on skype, and that he let me boss him around, which was fun.
I am grateful that I was wearing clothes when my next door neighbour knocked on my kitchen window and waved at me.
It's 7am now and I am grateful for the hour of silence I have had before I wake my little ladies up for school....tick tock.
I am grateful I have electricity, food, warmth, family, choices, income, health....maybe these things should have come first?....hmmmmmmm.

Beeep Beeep. Alarms! Sorry, but no-one is ever going to make me grateful for those!

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